You are the crucial piece beating at the very heart of your business. 

You know what that means? That instead of focusing on what you know is your invaluable secret sauce–your time is drowned out with the obligation of learning design and website conversion on top of everything else. 

Cue hours upon hours of Youtube tutorials, blog posts and Pinterest ideas explaining a thousand different ways to change your font, resize your banner and implement a newsletter sign-up. Maybe you’ve even got the basics down–a true graduate at Youtube University–but things aren’t converting the way you hoped they would. 

Your vision is getting muddied with your spread-too-thin agenda and now all of the creativity you had tucked away for your true passions, are leaking out all over your web space in disappointing traffic rates and inconsistent branding. 

It’s exhausting. 

You provide a skillset that no one else can match.

Completely custom, juicy-as-hell branding. 

A personally tailored, fully operational, multi-page website and online hub that aligns with your brand without sacrificing your values. 

Warm, cozy aftercare that leaves you feeling clear, confident and stoked to launch your website. 

Easy access to tutorials, guides and so much more.

Hand-in-hand walk through of my creative direction, strategizing and design implementation. 

What you'll find most valuable within Dream Week

are the countless ways you’ll go from freelancer to kick-ass CEO of your dreams. Scratch off those empty check-marks on your to do list and trust me to bring your vision to life with: 

+ Creative direction strategy session. Prior to our call I’ll perform a deep-dive audit into you and your business to clarify your needs, determine the best ways to maximize your impact and define your voice so that your website both captivates and converts. 

+ Creative direction

+ Detailed brand questionnaire establishing your voice, dreams and goals. 

+ Custom branding that showcases your vision without sacrificing authenticity. 

+ Primary and Secondary custom logo design

+ Submark design

+ Custom font suite

+ Custom color palette that compliments your brand and creates a visual impact.

+ 10 custom social media graphics to easily implement and show off your new look!

+ 5-7 page website. Fully customizable. Think: Home. About. Portfolio. Contact. Sales Page. Blog. Podcast. Shop. Tailored to your needs.

+ Complete set up of domain connection, SEO optimization, email integration and platform capabilities. 

+ Two weeks of personalized support and after care by me–your new bestie. 

+ Step by step personalized video tutorials so that you leave our week together feeling confident, secure and stoked to launch your new website. 

Dream Week is everything you need it to be. A completely tailored-to-you experience of crafting a full brand and website that screams you and captivates your dreamiest clients. 

All in the swift timeline of one week. 


Fill out the Dream Week application and we will get back to you within 48 hours with more details and our availability!

send in your pplication


Once your application is approved, we'll send you a link for you to book your dream week! SO EXCITING!

your week


To ensure our week runs smoothly,  there are a few things I'll need from you before we sit down and make shit happen. We will invite you to our Notion client portal where you will drop your brand photos, copy, and links at least 24 hours before our scheduled week begins!



We'll kick off our week with a 60 minute strategy session where we'll dig deep and establish your creative direction/brand. Once approved by you, we'll get to work!



7 days later and here we are - YOUR LAUNCH DAY! 
We will be with you every step of the way until your site is live baby! You also receive 2 weeks of aftercare support because who doesn't need a lil extra love, am I right?



Not only are we going to familiarize ourselves with the you behind your brand, we’re going to conceptualize your ideal client, determine the best creative direction for you to reach them and then implement your sleek new personalized design that transforms your desires into a surefire and powerful web space. 

We’re talking higher conversion rates, increased traffic, crystal clear clarity and confidence, and ultimately boosted revenue. 

All in the time frame of one-week

lesh yor


Brand photos are not required for Dream Week! However, I highly encourage you to have professional or semi-professional brand photos because it makes a world of difference when it comes to the web design.

Brand photos will definitely empower you in your business and help you stand out amongst the competition!

will i need professional brand photos?

There are three payment options for Dream Week! Pay in full, 2 split payments, or 3 split payments.

Pay in full: 100% paid at booking to secure your spot on our calendar.

2 split payments: 50% at booking and 50% 24 hours before the start date of our project.

3 split payments: 1st payment at booking, 2nd payment 24 hours before the start date of our project, and 3rd payment before final delivery. (Save money when you choose option 1 or 2!)

do you offer payment plans?

Two things that are required:

Showit Subscription: You will need to purchase a Showit subscription plan in order to host your site.
Domain: If you do not currently own a domain, you will need to purchase one. I recommend Google Domains.

will i need to purchase anything else?

You receive two weeks of personalized support and after care from me after our project for any follow up questions or concerns!


SHOWIT IS THE BESTTTTT! I could go on and on but here are a few reasons why I love Showit and I know you will too:
1. Limitless design freedom
2. No coding, all drag and drop
3. SEO & mobile friendly
4. Showit support group and training resources
5. Wordpress blogging
6. INCREDIBLE customer support


Two options for this! We can always pull inspiration from your current branding and elevate it during Dream Week OR when you fill out your application and you're really set on not leaving your branding behind, let me know you'd like to use your current branding and we can chat together to adjust the price!


"Sam designed the most perfect brand and website that captured my exact personality and the whole mood/vision I was going for! 

I felt heard and understood from start to finish. My new website makes me feel like an empowered, boss ass bitch! It was an absolute breeze working with her. Super fun vibes 100%, she rocks! Just hire her already. Don’t waste any time or money on anyone else.”

Sammy Hariskos

"I know it can be daunting investing in your website, especially if you think you’re managing it on your own to the best of your ability.

But it’s WORTH working with someone who is an expert in their field and can take your vision and bring it to life. Sam is incredible. Magical. The absolute best. Her communication is unmatched, her skill and talent are magnificent, and the way she welcomes you in like a friend is a feeling I’ll never forget. Invest in yourself and level-up your brand and business by investing in her services. You won’t regret it—it’s a no brainer!"

Liza James

 little client love:

“Sam was so wonderful to work with and made me feel like she had my back the entire process.

I felt very supported, she was quick to respond, always willing to help me out if I had any questions, and she created a website and brand that I love and that I think my dream clients will also love. Any issues I had were quickly resolved and there was always a chance to provide feedback if I felt I wanted anything adjusted or changed, but Sam really hit the nail on the head. She is so talented and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her! She seriously inspired me to get my ass in gear and work harder on my business to create a wonderful client experience from start to end. I’m for sure going to refer her to anyone I know looking to update their brand or create a website. She's the best!"

Mattie Jensen

owner of koukla's crystals

copywriter & author

wedding photographer

a 26 year old web designer, spicy book lover, and a firm believer that a good brand should be felt as well as seen.

may 2018

Graduated from Virginia Tech and took a job as a cocktail server at a swanky rooftop bar on the 22nd floor of a Charlotte, NC hotel. 

june 2019

April 2021

Moved back to Charlotte and got a bartending gig until I found something that sparked my soul.

november 2021

Quit my job and began my business journey as an author assistant. Found a love for web design and HERE WE ARE.

Transferred with Marriott down to Tampa, FL to take a position as Operations Supervisor.

long story short:

Meet your designer

I know you're ready...

A design that takes you from the freelancer to the unapologetic CEO? Check.

A Showit website that is designed to be dangerously, loudly, and beautifully you? Check.

A badass brand that serves as a reminder that you are not afraid to be seen? Check.

It's all possible for you!

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