And believe it or not, creating captivating brands and websites was not on the bucket list for most of my life.   

What was? Easy.  

Making an impact. Creating change. Finding freedom.   

But instead of jumping straight into where my heart truly lies–design. I stumbled through a few other ventures first. After landing my college degree in Hospitality Management at Virginia Tech in 2018, I began working as a cocktail server in the coolest Charlotte roof top bar I could find.   

Cue fun nights, new friends, massive hangovers.    

I loved it…for about a year. Until I was able to nail down the real and honest source of my radical happiness in those places.   


I'm sam

Quit my bartending job and began my business journey as an author assistant. Found a love for web design along the way and here we are, friend.

november 2021

Moved back to Charlotte and got a bartending gig until the service industry took the last fuck I had to give.

april 2021

Transferred with Marriott down to Tampa, FL and worked my way up the food chain to Operations Supervisor.

june 2019

Graduated from Virginia Tech with a Hospitality Management degree and took a job as a cocktail server at a swanky rooftop bar on the 22nd floor of a Charlotte, NC hotel. 

may 2018

Managed to graduate high school without losing my mind.

June 2014

Ya girl made her debut. On the 28th to be exact.

february 1996

lng ry rt

quickly turned into exhaustion, mediocrity and the familiar service industry grind. I knew things had to change quickly and I was the only one who could make that happen.

And I did just that.

I quit my bartending job in November of 2021, jumped out into the mesmerizing world of freelancing and never looked back. I did whatever it took to make my dreams happen and decided freedom wasn’t going to fall into my lap like book boyfriends on those spicy pages. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) 

Instead, I harnessed every ounce of what I already loved:

Working with bomb ass people, creating incredible fully-custom and highly converting websites, and smashed them together to create an unstoppable brand of Dreamers, Doers and Design.

My goal? Build a website and brand that tells the world exactly who the f*ck you are. No shame, no gatekeeping, no secrets.

No one does this like you do. Are you ready?

Ready to take on the world?

What started as mixed cocktails and late nights...


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Hi, I'm Sam

A 27-year-old brand and web designer, avid devourer of spicy books, and staunch believer in the power of brands that evoke emotions. I'm here to create designs that not only catch your eye but also stir your soul.