lking r ways we can wrk te?

 Brace yourself for a mind-blowing collaboration that will leave you wondering how you ever survived solo.

+ Creative direction

+ Mood board

+ Primary logo

+ Secondary logo

+ Submark logo

+ Color palette

+ Font suite

+ Brand elements

+ Brand style guide

+ A collection of curated stock images

+ Launch mockups

+ Custom business card design

+ 10 social graphic templates



a fully custom branding package:

e web ickie

ream week

+ Creative direction

+ Mood board

+ Primary logo

+ Secondary logo

+ Submark logo

+ Color palette 

+ Font suite

+ A collection of curated stock images

+ Brand style guide

+ Long-form one page Showit website tailored to your needs

+ Custom link in bio page

+ Complete set up of domain connection, basic SEO, and email integration

+ Step by step walkthrough video tutorials


+ Creative direction

+ Mood board

+ Primary logo

+ Secondary logo

+ Submark logo

+ Font suite

+ Color palette

+ A collection of curated stock images

+ Launch mockups

+ 6 page Showit website. Fully customizable. Think: Home. About. Books. Portfolio. Contact. Events. Tailored to your needs.

+ Complete set up of domain connection, basic SEO optimization, and email integration

+ 2 weeks of support and after care

+ Step by step walkthrough video tutorials 

+ 20 custom social graphic templates

custom brand & 1 page showit site:

custom brand & 6 page showit site:

price for 2024 bookings will be $1800
price for 2024 bookings will be $2800
price for 2024 bookings will be $4500

still can't find what you're looking for? reach out here or dm me on instagram and let's chat!

Here you will find á la carte items you can add on to your chosen package from above!

+ Shopify integration to sell physical/digital products for up to 10 products for $900

+ 20 feed templates for $200

+  20 feed templates + 20 story templates + 10 reel cover templates for $400

+ Add on custom business card design for $50


- Stickers
- Bookmarks
- Business Cards
- Stationary
- Flodesk Newsletter Designs
- Marketing Materials
- Social Media Graphics
- Merchandise

want a little something extra?

Á La Carte

1. We can always pull inspiration from your current branding and elevate it to make things completely cohesive and consistent across the board OR
2. When you fill out your application and you're really set on not leaving your branding behind, let me know you'd like to use your current branding and if it's something I feel I can confidently work with, I will let you know!


Brand photos are not required for Dream Week or TWQ! However, I highly encourage you to have professional or semi-professional photos because it makes a world of difference when it comes to your website. Brand photos will not only empower you in your business but they will also help you stand out amongst the competition!


For both Dream Week & The Web Quickie, two things are required.
1. Showit Subscription: You will need to purchase a Showit subscription plan in order to host your site.
2. Domain: If you do not currently own a domain, you will need to purchase one. I recommend Google Domains.


Yes! For all 3 of my services, I offer the option to pay in full or 2 split payments. The first payment is due when you book your start date to secure your spot on the calendar and the second payment is due at least 24 hours before our start date!

Q: do you offer payment plans?


Without a brand identity, it would be difficult to design a website that accurately reflects you and represents your values and goals. Branding is the foundation of the website and helps to establish a cohesive look and overall strategy! For this reason, I do not offer a website only package.

Q: What if I only want a website?

"Oh my god, working with Sam is a dream. She helped bring together what I couldn’t. She saw the kind of vision I was going for and managed to surpass my expectations and bring it to life! Working with her was amazing, the whole experience was lovely from start to finish. I am in LOVE with the website she created, all of the details I wanted that she helped put together, and the branding for my social media is CHEF’S KISS! Every time she sent me something, I was grinning and kicking my feet like a little kid. But the moment she sent me those moodboards I KNEW I’d picked the right one to help, she knew exactly what I was going for and by god she DELIVERED!"

Paige N. Regan

dark fantasy author

"Working with Sam was such an amazing experience! She is so talented and understood my vision immediately. I cannot express just how beautiful her work is and how easy she is to work with. She created a website that is not only stunning, but so easy to navigate. It's so helpful to have all my important information in one place so readers can find it easily, and she even came up with ideas I didn't think of! I honestly wish I had another website just so we could work together again!"

Liz Tomforde

romance author

"I know it can be daunting investing in your website, especially if you think you’re managing it on your own to the best of your ability. But it’s WORTH working with someone who is an expert in their field and can take your vision and bring it to life. Sam is incredible. Magical. The absolute best. Her communication is unmatched, her skill and talent are magnificent, and the way she welcomes you in like a friend is a feeling I’ll never forget. Invest in yourself and level-up your brand and business by investing in her services. You won’t regret it—it’s a no brainer!"

Liza James

copywrite collective

“Sam was so wonderful to work with and made me feel like she had my back the entire process. I felt very supported, she was quick to respond, and always willing to help me out if I had any questions, and she created a website and brand that I love and that I think my dream clients will also love. Any issues I had were quickly resolved and there was always a chance to provide feedback if I felt I wanted anything adjusted or changed, but Sam really hit the nail on the head."

Mattie Jensen


"Sam is a magical unicorn and I refuse to believe she’s real. I was incredibly nervous when we first started because I wasn’t sure how well Sam and I would get along and I was worried we would be sending awkward messages back and forth the entire project. Sam IMMEDIATELY put those worries to rest! The second we started talking, the vibe felt amazing and I knew that she was the perfect person to work on my website and branding. Sam worked an absolute MIRACLE on my site and I will never stop recommending her! Sam’s work ethic, communication, and just herself as a person are the best of the best.”


celestia book crate

"Oh my goodness. I don’t know that my review will accurately describe how amazing it was to work with Sam. 

Not only is she a fantastic human, but her work ethic and quality are beyond what I could ever hope for. Sam gets to know you as a person and infuses that knowledge with her craft to deliver an end product that is so beautifully curated.

If you’re thinking about working with her, take this as your sign to just do it already. Your business will bloom, and you’ll gain a new friend as well."

Carlie Jean

romance author

" Sam was an absolute DREAM to work with. She is super patient and makes sure she absolutely nails your vision and creates a website and brand that feels so utterly authentically YOU. I finally feel comfortable with my online presence and I feel like future clients just know exactly WHO I AM when they visit my website now. I honestly cannot recommend her enough. If you are looking for a magical, dedicated, and talented bestie, Sam is your girl!"

Cat Imb

trc designs - book cover designer

"Sam is INCREDIBLE! From the very beginning, she has been a WEALTH of knowledge and communication. Sam showed up every single day, ready to take my vision and craft a brand and website that encompassed EVERYTHING I dreamt of with my author career. 

In addition to her talent, she’s always pushing the boundaries on design and layouts. She consistently shows up with something unique and different in ways I hadn’t expected. 

Investing in Sam’s Creative Cure was the BEST decision I could have made for my business. Having a landing point and community hub for my readers on the internet was so important, and I failed to establish that on my own. Sam was right there, ready and excited, to use her skill set and create exactly what I needed. "

Liza James

sapphic romance author

"Sam designed the most perfect brand and website that captured my exact personality and the whole mood/vision I was going for! I felt heard and understood from start to finish. My new website makes me feel like an empowered, boss ass bitch! It was an absolute breeze working with her. Super fun vibes 100%, she rocks! Just hire her already. Don’t waste any time or money on anyone else.”

Sammy Hariskos

koukla's crystals

It's time to think big, dream bigger, dig deeper, and build a brand and website that is the digital manifestation of who you are.

It's your time to shine.


Hi, I'm Sam

A 27-year-old brand and web designer, avid devourer of spicy books, and staunch believer in the power of brands that evoke emotions. I'm here to create designs that not only catch your eye but also stir your soul.