service: dream week


project type: custom brand & 6 page showit site

Ava Hunter


Brace yourselves for the grand reveal of this fabulous online wonderland where pink dreams are no longer just dreams – they're reality.

Huge shoutout to Ava for handing me the creative reins and letting me run wild with her vision! This project took me far from my usual darker, cozy corners but I loved every second of it! 

Head over to now to check out the full site!

Cheers to pink, pizzazz, and pure bookish joy. 

"Sam is a magical genius website witch! Seriously, I don’t know how she does it."

"She legit peered into my mind to give me the website of my dreams. It felt more like a therapy session than working on branding. She gave me a website that is heart and soul what I’m about as an author. I’m so proud of this beautiful new space to showcase my books. I adore Sam and I adored my time spent with her."


So...are you ready to do this thing?

This is your one-stop shop for everything you. Let’s bottle up all of your dynamite dreams and crazy ideas. Together we’ll transform them into your reality. 

Hi, I'm Sam

A 27-year-old brand and web designer, avid devourer of spicy books, and staunch believer in the power of brands that evoke emotions. I'm here to create designs that not only catch your eye but also stir your soul.