service: the web quickie

website: www.carliejean.ca

project type: custom brand & one page showit site

Carlie Jean


Carlie is an absolute gem! When she's not teaching little ones, she's writing the most delightful romance novels with just the right amount of spice, swoon, and sunshine to make your heart skip a beat. Her upcoming debut novel, "Good Catch," is set to release in June, and trust me, you won't want to miss out on it!

Working with Carlie was an absolute dream come true! Her bubbly personality and infectious energy are enough to make anyone's day brighter. She's like a ray of sunshine that can light up even the darkest of rooms. It's impossible not to feel uplifted when you're around her!

"Oh my goodness. I don’t know that my review will accurately describe how amazing it was to work with Sam.

Not only is she a fantastic human, but her work ethic and quality are beyond what I could ever hope for. Sam gets to know you as a person and infuses that knowledge with her craft to deliver an end product that is so beautifully curated. If you’re thinking about working with her, take this as your sign to just do it already. Your business will bloom, and you’ll gain a new friend as well."

So...are you ready to do this thing?

This is your one-stop shop for everything you. Let’s bottle up all of your dynamite dreams and crazy ideas. Together we’ll transform them into your reality. 

Hi, I'm Sam

A 27-year-old brand and web designer, avid devourer of spicy books, and staunch believer in the power of brands that evoke emotions. I'm here to create designs that not only catch your eye but also stir your soul.